The Deck of Sixty

Lich, Mist, Ward 9, Topmast Apartment 83.
A small attic Jazz club based in the Mist, the perfect place to unwind after a long day of adventuring.

Current Staff

Violette Averoux is the owner of this little club located in Mist, she is simultaneously the bartender, waitress cleaner and the bars primary fortune teller. Founding this fine establishment as a way to over see her daily activities in Eorzea.


Fortune telling services are available exclusively to people who have already purchased a meal and will incur an additional fee of 10,000 Gil. The reason for this high price is due to the amount of demand for the service.

At the start of your reading, you and any other guests you wish to bring along will be guided to the fortune reading table, once there Violette will draw three cards, the first card representing the past the second the present and the third the future. Violette will explain a little bit about the story of each card and tell you her interpretation of each of them.


Archon Loaf: Freshly baked and prepared in the Traditional Shalayan way. Can be served with Butter and Jam
Jerked Beef: A plate of fresh beef smoked and cured for a strong flavour.
Pearl Chocolate: a bowl of small chocolate pearls coating a crunchy interior. Available in Dark, Milk and White Chocolate.
Bowl of Salted peanuts: Refreshing lightly salted peanuts, the perfect accompanyment to any meal.
Grilled Corn: Served with a drizzle of butter, still on the cob.

A message from the managment:
"Shouldt thou desireth something currently unobtainable upon mine menu, thou might entreat mineself with a request written in the book located upon yonder bar."

Alcoholic Drinks

Ishgardian Brandy: The seet and fruity taste of wine meets the oaky and punchy taste of wine.
Bachuss Wine: A premium red wine locally sourced from wineport.
Vylbrand Ale: Locally brewed, with a refreshingly sweet and fullbodied fruity flavour
Lager: Flavourless swill that people like for some reason.
Whiskey: We stock multiple different types of whisky so do feel free to make requests, if we do not have what you seek have a drink on the house.
Gridanian Gin: Made predominantly with herbal ingredients the drink is both fruity and spicy. Can be mixed with tonic Water at request.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Ishgardian TeaDoman TeaBuckwheat TeaChamomile TeaMulled TeaRooibosSteppe Tea

All the above tea's can also be served iced.